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Submission Info and Other Mostly Boring Stuff You Should Know Before You Send Us Anything 

We accept previously unpublished submissions of Rare Flash Fiction and Well-Done Poetry via Submittable. We do not accept submissions via email. All email submissions will be deleted unread. Sometimes we accept reprints from authors we solicit, but only because we like them a lot. Simultaneous submissions are fine. If we accept your work, please wait 60 days before submitting more. That may be annoying. We’re sorry.


Flash: We want your flash fiction to udderly wow us. We’re bored on this godforsaken farm. Help us pass the time without so much corn whiskey. Send as many stories that equal up to 1500 words as you like, just don’t go over our limits!

Poetry: We want your very best free and formal verse. We want poetry that makes us pause mid-chew, we want to be moo-ved. We’re also partial to grazing on prose poems and the experimental. 150 lines max per submission. Better not send us rhyming poems or we’ll give you the hoof.


We want: strange literary, magical realism, speculative, slipstream, utopian and dystopian, bizarro, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, and just plain weird fictions. So, surprise and delight us. Pretty please.

We do NOT want: racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive work containing gratuitous violence, gore, misogyny, rape, molestation, etc.

Response Times

Vary. Feel free to query after three months (it probably won’t take that long, though). If you’re in need of a quick yay or nay, we have expedited decision options (for a small fee).


We’ll pay you in adoration and flirty smiles. And sides of virtual beef.

Other Info 

All works of original fiction and poetry are published with the permission of the individual authors, and all copyright to a work remains with its author. We do request that our authors acknowledge Cease, Cows as the first place to feature a work if it appears elsewhere in the future. Work published on our site may not be reproduced without permission, per standard copyright laws.

Cease, Cows nominates work for the following: storySouth Million Writers Award, Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, The Best Small Fictions

Accompanying Artwork 

Works of art appearing on our site are used courtesy of Flickr members who have listed their media under Creative Commons licenses. Works will always be attributed under the artist’s legal name when available, or their Flickr pseudonym when not, using the work’s original title (if any), along with a link back to the Flickr page where the piece was originally posted. Photos may be resized. Because we like things to fit nicely. Like our shoes.

64 thoughts on “Submissions

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  2. Hey Cows!
    So, I was published on your site in November 2016 (yay!), which was, of course, awesome. Just a quick query – do you hold exclusive rights for a length of time at all? I’m looking to submit the same piece of fiction for an award that accepts reprints.
    Thanks in advance!
    Lots of bovine love,

    • Hi, Amy!

      Upon acceptance, our authors grant us a non-exclusive right to publish, edit, and archive their work on our website. All copyright to a work remains with the author. We do request, however, that authors acknowledge Cease, Cows as the first place to feature a work if it is published elsewhere. Hope this answers your question!

      CC Staff

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  7. Do you guys mind if my stories for the Short Scary Story contest get a bit gory? By a bit I mean loads of blood and guts… Hey! Who doesn’t love some guts in their scary stories?!

  8. RE: Scary story submission. “Authors Publish” site says you want a cover letter and bio. Submission rules say not to include anything that would identify the author. Which is correct? Thanks.

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  12. I’m reckoning my prose poem is a prose poem. There are no line breaks. But then I see your Submittable guidelines further outlaw stanza breaks. I’ve got some discrete paragraphs going on. So does that mean you’d rather me pass it off as flash fiction?

  13. Hello, quick question. Do proems centered around mental illnesses (anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, etc.) fall into the topics/genres that you’re looking for?

    • Theoretically, sure, they can. We don’t have certain preferred topics (or censored topics, beyond the obvious) as much as we prefer a story be somehow surreal or weird. If the only unusual thing about the story is the character’s state of mind, it’s unlikely to be a good fit.

  14. So… Just want to make sure I understand the rules. I’m sending in a prose poem today. This means that I have to wait 30 or 60 days (depending on whether it gets accepted) to send in the flash fiction story I have because it’s a separate category. Am I right?

    • Hi Leslie. If you’re sending in a prose poem for our submissions bomb from 8-9pm tonight, then you won’t have to wait to send in your flash piece. Pieces submitted after pieces submitted during bombs are excused from the 30 and 60-day waiting periods. We’re about to announce it, stay tuned.

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  18. Does “previously unpublished” include blogs? I have a prose poem on my blog I’d love to send to you and would lovingly take it down from the blog if you like it enough.

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