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Submissions are Open!

Submissions are open for the new year.

You know. The new year? It’s going to be called “2014,” we’re told. That’s not nearly as fun to say as “2013,” unfortunately. Think about it. “Sweet Grinds 2013” versus “Sweet Grinds 2014.” It doesn’t even matter what the “Sweet Grinds” are. Skateboard tricks? Salt and pepper? The idea is, 2013 sounds better as a collection of sounds to put after other sounds.

But there’s no apocalypses that are supposed to happen in 2014, so that makes two years in a row, right?

Also, 2014 is the year during which, if you submit a story to Cease, Cows and it’s accepted, your story will come out. Which could be, like, a major turning point in your life. Our lives. Lives all over the place.


So. Ready? Aim…

Haha! Psych! Don’t fire yet. Read our new submissions page. We’re pickier now. And sassier.

Already read the new submissions page? Then, well, you know. If you have a piece you think we might just want: fire.

Lead image“Steady, aim, FIRE!” (via Flickr user Sheree Zielke)