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The Cows are Giving Away a Copy of Daniel Romo’s Book, Romancing Gravity!

Our Guest Poetry Editor, Daniel Romo, is one heck of a talented fella and we sure are glad to have him here at the farm. He’s been so much help, staying awful busy in the barn wrangling prose poems, lassoing errant submissions, appeasing the cows…

Well, that last one’s a pretty tall order ‘cuz the cows are never satisfied for long, and they want more prose poetry submissions. They want so many proems in that pen that Daniel will need a month of Sundays to see them all through. Lucky for us, farm hand Romo is an accommodating and generous sort of a guy, and he has offered to give away a signed copy of his excellent book of poetry to one lucky submitter!

So, here’s how this works–everybody who submits prose poetry to Cease, Cows from today, Friday, August 23rd, through Friday, September 6th, will have their name tossed into a big ol’ ten gallon hat. Then, on Saturday, September 7th at 13:00 CST, we’ll stick a blindfold on Daniel, spin him round three times, and have him pick the winning name!

What’s that you say? You’ve recently laid your proetry at the feet of the cows and aren’t eligible to submit quite yet? Well, heck! We don’t want you to miss out, so if you’ve got the proems, send the proems. You’ll still be included in the drawing, we’ll just keep your submission penned up until we’re good and ready to read it.

What are y’all waiting for? Get yerselves a’writin’ and submit! The cows are anxious to meet the big winner!

Happy submitting!

Alisha Attella
Managing Editor

Lead image: “Raffle Tickets” (via Flickr user Alyson Hurt)

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  1. Congratulations Daniel Romo! It looks beautiful! And dear cows, pick me, me, me! (I know, I know, gotta submit my poetry) 🙂

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