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End of Year Wrapping (Paper) Up

Hello, Cease, Cows lovers!

Well, we’ve certainly had an eventful year, and already, it’s nearing the end. We busted out onto the scene in April and snagged several followers (Thanks!), and we like to think we’ve published some fantastic fictions and poetries over the last eight months.

In 2014, we plan on doing more of that. But, we’re narrowing our scope (check guidelines here) and giving our staff a break by loosening the required response time on submissions. We routinely receive around 100 submissions a month, so it’s not viable to respond to each within a few days! Our staff loves us and the SweeTARTS we launch into their darling mouths, but not that much.

We’ll also be publishing less work, so, though it may be harder to be published at Cease, Cows, please know that we adore every single one of our submitters. They are all the bee’s knees. Better than sliced bread. Better than bees’ knees spread onto sliced bread, mmm…

There are three last fiction pieces we’ll be publishing over the next few days, including a list of a story by Janet Frishberg, a spacey one by Dino Parenti, and a Vonnegut-inspired solicited piece by the one and only T. Fox Dunham. These last few blew the top of our heads off, so be prepared, gentle folk.

Our new year begins in February – look for new pieces then.

Onward and upward!

H. L. Nelson
Founding Editor

Lead image: “Gift Box” (via Flickr user YJ-Lee)