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Say “Howdy” to Guest Poetry Editor Daniel Romo!

Howdy Farm Folk! Daniel Romo here, and I’m thrilled to be joining the Cease, Cows posse as the corral’s first Guest Poetry Editor. I guess you could say that I’m a regular prose poem junkie…

I’ve been studying the prose poem intently since my grad school days when the bug first bit me. My eyes were opened to the work of great prose poets like Sabrina Orah Mark, Lyn Hejinian, Ben  Lerner, and Mary Koncel, and it wasn’t long before my own work became prose poetry-centric.

My first book, When Kerosene’s Involved, is composed entirely of prose poems, and my second book, Romancing Gravity, out this year from Silver Birch Press, has its fair share of prose poems as well. Stay tuned this week for a special, farm-only book announcement that I’ve got in store for y’all.

I sure hope to fan the fire that the Cows have started, and I can’t wait to explore your, no doubt, sizzling submissions.

Lead image: “howdy friends” (via Flickr user charity shopper)

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  1. Howdy, Guest Poetry Editor Daniel Romo. We of the herd welcome you to the pasture. My latest effort is “Diary of a Mad Cow”, but the spellchecker keeps changing it to “Dairy”. Is this a problem?

    • Thank you, Stephen. As for your question, I butter not answer that.

      • DR, you’re the cream of the crop.

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