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Cows on the Moo-ve!

Happy Monday, y’all, from your ever-lovin’, friendly neighborhood cowhand, Michael Dwayne Smith!

Yes, cows are on the moo-ve here at the farm, so we’ve got a couple quick announcements for you lit lovin’ folk out there in web country. We think you’ll be well-pleased with ’em.

First off, thanks to our ranch-owning literary dynamo, Heather Nelson, who kindly bumped me up to Editor-in-Beef here at Cease, Cows, an empty bunk was left on the poetry side of the house, so we brought in our first-ever Guest Poetry Editor.

Please help us welcome poet and prose poetry trick-rider Daniel Romo to the farm! If you don’t already know his work and his books, you’re in for a treat. Tomorrow, Daniel will be introducing himself right here on this pasture, and we’ll be posting more about his background (as well as prose poetry in general) later in the week.

We also want to give a hoot, a holler, and a shout “boy-howdy” for Justis Mills, who’s been beefed up to Content Editor/Associate Fiction Editor around these parts. Justis has been issued a new lasso and a bigger hat to help us wrangle all sorts of critters. Ranch hands and rawhides alike raise their moonshine-filled jelly jars! Be sure to take a gander at our Staff page and behold the dust-kickin’, cattle-drivin’ team we done assembled right here.

That’s it for now, cowpokes. Stay tuned to this channel for some fun and a lot of fine contemporary literature. I’ll see y’all around the corral.

Michael Dwayne Smith

Lead image: “Cows on Parade” (via Flickr user Thomas Backa)

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  1. Go, Daniel! The Poetry Wrangler! And Heather hoofin’ it up to Editor-in-Beef! I’m impressed with the Grade-A literary bovines in this herd! Great work, guys!

    • Thanks a bunch! Michael is our Editor-in-Beef now and Heather’s the Head Boss. We’ve got a great team.

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