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[hey!] bales

(September 2023)

Lovely CC Readers:

Welcome to the September installment of [hey!] bales, where we round up the month’s posts and link to them all in one convenient spot. If you’d like to be notified whenever we post, just mosey over here, scroll down, and enter your email to subscribe!

And now, without further ado, here are our latest offerings:

In her new collection Child Craft (Belle Point Press), Amy Cipolla Barnes explores the many ways a child’s life is “crafted” through experiences, perceptions, and family. It’s an imaginative take on a familiar topic, and readers should enjoy Barnes’s intelligent prose and sharp eye for the small things in life that carry great significance.

Flash Fiction

Nice Little Girls by Jo Gatford

Good Choices by DK Snyder


Breath by Aileen Bassis

As in the Days of Noah by Bethany Jarmul

[Feelings, little sister] by M.A. Scott

“Chronic” is a word felt not spelt by Allison Thung

Bram Stoker Award-winning author Gwendolyn Kiste writes that Jan Stinchcomb’s novel Verushka is “something truly special…a devastating tale of the bonds between mother and child as well as the all-too-real terrors of growing up. An astounding book and one that you’ll want to read immediately.” What more can we say? Readers looking for an exciting new work that inhabits the shadowy borders between fairy tale and horror will enjoy their foray into Stinchcomb’s carefully constructed world.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for October!

~ CC Staff

Lead image: “Bale” (via Flickr user sonder3)