photo of clothes laid out on grass

End Times by Lauren Whitehead

It’s moving day. The houses are purged inside out, beds on the curb. Desks and socks and chemistry books ditched by the dumpsters. They all were saved and went home, he says. They shrugged off their crackling coils of dead skin and slid away. I keep putting on my old itchy rhino skin. I pick up what they left behind.

Lauren Whitehead is a mother, teacher, writer, and recovering academic. Singer and hybrid daughter of the cornfields and the American South, Lauren was sorted into Slytherin and is on Team Peeta. Her writing has been featured at Offbeat Families. She lives in a small town in Iowa with two young daughters, her husband, and two fluffy gray cats.

Lead image“Rapture-day yard decorations (iPhone 4 photo)” (via Flickr user Rob Sheridan)