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Baltic Dream With Dostoevsky

by Alessandra Bava

That unique light and
sparse doves in the endless white
nights on St. Peterburg’s Nevsky
Prospekt arm in arm with Fyodor.

The streets resemble all Munch’s
Evening on Karl Johan
Street and even my lips – as jays –
are dark blue.

Alessandra Bava lives and works in The Eternal City. She holds a MA in American Literature and manages her own translation agency. In 2010 she had a cathartic encounter with a SF Poet Laureate and she is currently writing his biography. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Plath Profiles, THRUSH Poetry Journal, elimae, The Anemone Sidecar, and Left Curve. She is the author of two bilingual chapbooks-Nocturne (2013) and Guerrilla Blues (2012)-and editor of Rome’s Revolutionary Poets Brigade anthology (Vol. 1).

Lead image: “Cafe Singer and Nevsky Prospekt on a White Night” (via Flickr user sergejf)

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