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New Prose Poetry Guidelines

Hello, CC fans!

Our poetry submissions will reopen on July 15th, at which time we will only accept prose poems. Our new guidelines are posted on the Submissions page.

While other editors have been known to deride prose poems, our Poetry Editor takes them up in his arms and rocks them beneath the lingering milky white light of a million dead stars. We will then select the best of the best and rock them front and center for our readers.

Of course, we rock prose poetry that wants and needs to be rocked, language and image and energy that move us, whether the force is subtle and sly or muscular and fierce. We know it when we read it. It shivers. It OMGs. It resonates, haunting even after hours or days of reading other poems. Could be from hungry lyricism, could be a desperate grip or fist in the eye. We crave poems that seduce or stalk or trick us deeper into a secret world.

Poets, if you can get us to that secret world, submit away after July 15th! Readers, strap on your seat belts and prepare for the ride.

Onward and upward,
Cease, Cows Staff

Lead image: “interdit de passer” (via Flickr user Nicolas Vigier)