artwork featuring three birds

Three Poems by Laura LeHew

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1) address my letter to the gargoyle
& then • send the partial list
2) the molecules we share

• belong

I shut a • skylight
3) thinking of fall
• all the exploits • love cannot fix

a careless unison
drenched with candlelight
4) a crescendo of indulgence • &

possibly belladonna

you say you • lament me
that • this • is the exit
& Vegas Valley Leopard Frogs are • untrue

5) the blood says
without velocity
you • • • scab me seize me censure •

me • with a 20 piece bucket of chicken & 6 sauces when
6) all I want is snow


safety & comfort
an Indian Head Penny
imply motion

insincere as flint fulcrum phantasm
the deer made her way
cutting down the leaves of summer

snow wind coastal floods
the taunting normalcy
asking only forgetfulness

last Thursday we didn’t have the architecture
a daughter on suicide watch
transcending substance

erosions revealed
in the orbits of Truth
the crush of your body on a blue velvet couch

stealing the kiss


and you were my werewolf
the studs on my bra straps & panties
would all be inlaid with silver

‘cause honey I know you gotta crush on me
as the moon waxes crescent you stride in from the back 80
mend fences, reinforce the barn, add

concertina wire to the coops
wash feathers and blood away
you use to bale hay

but the horses have all shied
and my Rottweiler up and ran away
as the moon waxes gibbous

as you ripen we begin our do-si-do
advance, pass back to back, return
the moon a fiddle burnishing us faster and faster

and baby I still rope you up every full moon
what occupies my heart depends upon teeth
the nip and bite the losing control

wrestling naked on the bear skin rug
my boots tossed recklessly near the flames
lord knows I love hairy men

boy howdy—
what if it’s the end of the world
and you are the cause

Laura LeHew’s poems appear in Anobium, Eleven Eleven, FutureCycle: American Society: What Poet’s See, PANK, and Spillway a Poetry Magazine among others; collections include: Beauty (Tiger’s Eye Press), It’s Always Night, It Always Rains (Winterhawk Press) and Willingly Would I Burn (MoonPath Press). She received her MFA from CCA. Laura writes, edits her small press Uttered Chaos, and sharpens her claws in Eugene, Oregon.

Lead image: “three birds” (via © Frank Foster. Used with permission.)