Action at a Distance by Heikki Huotari

photo of scarecrow in a field

“Scarecrow” (image via Flickr user Mr. Gray)

More than empathetic, I will know where your
hands are. If I survive your antibodies I will have a
walk-in closet full of shoes and make a pretense of
necessity, a virtue, then a state of grace, and in my
medical facility four doctors out of five have healthy
habits but the other doctor has the scarecrow’s brain
and in my public swimming pool the scarecrow and
I share a lane.

Heikki Huotari is a retired professor of mathematics. In a past century, he attended a one-room country school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower. His poems appear in numerous journals, recently in Spillway and the American Journal of Poetry, he’s the winner of the 2016 Gambling the Aisle chapbook contest, and his first book, Fractal Idyll, will be published by After The Pause Press in late 2017.