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[hey!] bales

(February 2024)

Lovely CC Readers:

Welcome to the February installment of [hey!] bales, where we round up the month’s posts and link to them all in one convenient spot. If you’d like to be notified whenever we post, just mosey over here, scroll down, and enter your email to subscribe!

And now, without further ado, here are our latest offerings:

Don’t be friends with a witch, that’s what they say. They call old Miss Winnow a witch, but she’s not like that. Always a scrap of meat for the strays, a lock of hair for nesting birds. They think every witch looks like her–spindly as a leafless tree, silver moon eyes. They think she can see in the dark, although I reckon that bit’s true.

Longtime readers may remember “Tusks” by Ross McMeekin, a wonderful piece of microfiction published in 2022. McMeekin’s new collection, Below the Falls, offers a diverse collection of stories about characters navigating their lives with courage, dignity, humor, and so much more.

The day the women collectively lost their heads again, you could see them in the streets holding their heads up on their necks and cradling them in their arms while swaddled in scarves and towels…

Before signing off, we wanted to congratulate contributors Myna Chang and Tiffany Hsieh, whose work was selected to appear in Best Microfiction 2024. Also, don’t forget we’ll be open to prose poetry (500 words or less) March 1-7, so get your submissions ready!

See you next month!

~ CC Staff

Lead image: “brown grass field under blue sky during daytime” (Photo by Marco De Angelis on Unsplash)