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Shameless Self-Promotion in the Time of Covid-19: Chuck Augello, Contributing Editor, Cease, Cows

Though my thoughts often lean toward the dark, I never imagined the publication of my first book would coincide with a global pandemic, social distancing, and an irrational hoarding of toilet paper. And yet that’s exactly the world we live in as my story collection The Inexplicable Grey Space We Call Love makes its debut. I’m sure people have more pressing concerns right now than considering what book to read next, but if anyone is looking for an escape from the constant stream of Covid-19 updates, why not consider a quick jump into the world of Grey Space? 

 Kirkus Reviews calls it “A debut collection of short stories that examine love and death with flashes of dark wit…a promising debut indicative of a wild imagination and a burgeoning talent.”

Purchase your copy here.  


For those who prefer longer works, there’s also my novel The Revolving Heart, published by Black Rose Writing last week. Here’s a quick introduction: 

On a beautiful summer morning at the Jersey Shore, 4-year-old Sarah Carpenter wanders toward the ocean and never returns. The police think she drowned, but her babysitter Amy claims Sarah was abducted. The only other witness, 17-year-old Donnie Marcino, didn’t see a thing. A narcoleptic since birth, he was fast asleep.

Twenty years later Sarah’s disappearance still haunts Donnie, as does his lingering bond with Amy. When she calls from the hospital after a failed suicide attempt, Donnie returns to his hometown, but how can he help Amy, and help himself, without changing the past? In The Revolving Heart, love and redemption collide as the adult Donnie struggles to atone for his youthful mistakes.

Kirkus Reviews writes: “Augello’s novel is a beautifully crafted fictional study of the long-term impact of neglect and abuse. Although the initial setup is reminiscent of a crime novel, the story gradually settles into a more reflective narrative about the choices that people make, the bonds they forge, and the obligations they can’t escape, however much they might try. The prose style is first-rate, featuring hints of Douglas Coupland and Philip Roth, cut through with the flavor of Beat Generation narratives. Augello shows a knack for sharp, believable dialogue, and his character construction is impressive. The unsettling malice of male aggression simmers throughout the story, as well, without ever feeling over the top. A superb, captivating work from a promising new literary voice.”

Purchase your copy here.   


Due to Covid-19 workplace restrictions, print copies may be slow to arrive, but e-books are always available for instant download and are guaranteed virus-free.  

Stay safe everyone and keep reading!

Chuck Augello (Contributing Editor) lives in New Jersey with his wife, dog, two cats, and several cows that refuse to cease. His work has appeared in OneStoryJukedHobart, SmokeLongQuarterly, and other fine places. He publishes The Daily Vonnegut and contributes interviews to The Review Review.