artwork depicting side view of a woman's breast

Appointment by Claire Collison

(Please rotate your handheld device to landscape mode to provide maximum width for each line.)  

Six months since this grit
started pearling,

equinox to equinox

I checked my diary: exactly
six moon tumbles ago,

my breast became a bowl of cloud.

I cancelled the first date,
rescheduling a week later

(there’s the address, benign
on the facing page).

I struggle to recall what seemed so pressing –
could be from my scrawl a clash of work, or simply

it was inconvenient.

Claire Collison is artist in residence at the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths College, London. Her poetry has been placed in the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine 2017 (2nd) and the inaugural Resurgence Prize for ecopoetry (2nd). She was commissioned to write a new piece for Refugee Tales, which she performed at the Aldeburgh Festival, 2017. Claire is currently developing her single breasted life modelling monologue, Truth is Beauty, which she hopes to tour.

Lead image: “A blackbird landed on my garden and I cover her with my blouse” (artwork by Claire Collison)