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Best of the Net Nominations

Lovely CC Readers:

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? The cows are feeling antsy to share the news.

Here are our nominations for Best of the Net:

Flash Fiction

The Rascally Rabbit by Kim Magowan

Twelve Things Only the Mosquitoes Know by Kathryn McMahon


Father-Daughter Hands by Todd Dillard

Cephalofoil by Chloe N. Clark

to decay by Sam Stebbins

Pawnshop Mama by Laura Hoffman

Superficial by Hannah Cohen

Fear Is a Walk Through Immovable Trees by Linda Dove
*Note: This poem appeared in our Mother’s Day issue (pp.18-19).

Congrats to the nominees! As always, thank you for sharing your words.

~ CC Staff

Lead image: “Reflexiones” ~Confucious (via Flickr user Serge Saint)