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The Amoeba Who Wanted to be Alone

by Stephen McFadden

After a few seconds of existence, the amoeba had come to the following conclusion:

“All the theories of reincarnation are wrong. They have it the wrong way round. The reward for a virtuous life is not reincarnation in a more advanced form. On the contrary, it is to come back in a simpler form. What could be more blissful than to simply exist alone, with no need for a mate or companions, floating peacefully forever in a sea of nutrient? Heaven on earth! “

Then it sneezed, and promptly divided in two.

Stephen McFadden was born in Belfast and now lives near Dublin, Ireland. He enjoys all kinds of literature and has recently developed an interest in flash fiction. The attraction of writing for him lies in the exercise of the imagination. Originality is what gives most pleasure, whether reading a work by someone else or when writing a piece of his own.

Lead image“Amoebae (1920)” (via Flickr user Eric Fischer)

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