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CC Made It Two Years, Wha?

Loyal CC readers,

Yes, you read the above correctly. Our silly little e-mag made it two years, and we’re as shocked and pleasantly surprised as you are. We thought that, surely, our irreverent nature and plain old weirdness would not be received well, or at least not for long. We are so pleased that we were wrong.

Thanks to our excellent readers, submitters, authors, and staff who make the magic happen.

We love yo faces,

H. L. Nelson
Chief Cud Chewer

Lead image: “cow” (image via Flickr user Kabsik Park)


  1. pamelala95 pamelala95

    Offering up all the best reading dairy–responsibly farmed. Thank you for all the delicious flash nutrition, Cease, Cows! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats! Hope you never cease, Cows 😉

  3. I only just started following, but am still going to read this as if it’s addressed to me.

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