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CC is Back and Unstoppable!

Dearest CC fans,

Much like Robert Patrick in Terminator 2, you can’t stop us here at Cease, Cows. You can tell us we have a thesis, plus a paper, plus a presentation due soon so we can graduate and not waste 40k, but we give no fucks. Zero. We’re fuckless…or…something.

What we’re saying is: We’re reopening the submissions manager today for our 2015 run, so you WILL have new stories and prose poems from us in 2015. That’s the good news. You may want to sit down for the rest. Go ahead and put your feet up while you’re at it. Here, let us freshen your drink. There you go. On ice with a straw — just how you like it. Good, huh?

What? What bad news?

Oh, right. *looks sheepish*

The semi-bad news is that we may not be running any of these new pieces until May. *cringes*

We know, we KNOW. We are cruel farmhands. But, we promise to publish the best of the best from May through December. Just for you. We like you a lot, girl. *chucks you on the chin* We hope you’ll wait for us.

Sealed with sloppy kisses,

Cease, Cows Staff


Lead image: “happy california cow” (via Flickr user Cathy)


  1. I like your style, DUDES. If I ever have something appropriate I will send it your way. In the mean time, if you are so inclined, check us out at Rough Trade Blog. You never know, our vibes might just jive…

    • Thanks! And, will do.

  2. Tonya Dale Tonya Dale

    Great news! I’ve submitted to Cease Cows in the past and love your vibe. I keep writing in the hopes that I can be among the best of the best who are worthy of your awesomeness. Thank you!

    Tonya Dale

    • Awesome, Tonya. Please keep submitting!

    • Ditto–published but not here even though I would like to be. Eventually.

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