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Cease, Cows Made it a Whole Year!

Hello, CC lovers!

Celebrations are important. And not just because they give people an excuse to eat cake, throw confetti around, and wear fake mustaches. Tomorrow marks our first anniversary, and boy, has this year been awesome. Like, tiny sprites prancing in the tulips awesome. And old-school Nintendo awesome. Yeah, that awesome.

We’ve been through some changes, had a few nips and tucks, as one would expect from an ezine that’s growing older, but we’d like to think we’re much wiser. And therefore, much better. Don’t tell us otherwise. We’re sensitive.

For our anniversary, let us know what your favorite piece (or ten) was from this past year. We love praise. Basically, we live for it. We’ll die without your praise. PRAISE US NOW.


Thanks so much for your support! We are nothing without our readers and submitters. We owe you. Like, big time. We’ll pick up the tab next time we go out. We promise.


The Cease, Cows Team

Lead image: “Steve’s Birthday Party” (via Flickr user Nicole Hanusek)

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  1. Only discovered you recently… Happy First, and many more to come!

  2. I’m a bit prejudiced…but I really liked Danny Boy. 😉

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