old house in wheat field

The dark silhouette of a house by Claudia Serea

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The dark silhouette of a house pops up at the other end of the field.
The more I walk toward it, the more the wheat field grows. Every blade has a
hushed voice and a story to tell. They touch my legs as if begging me to listen.
They offer me gold and poppies.

The sky is also a rippling wheat field with its own stories and voices. It’s so much
noise, how can I make them stop?

Everyone, hush! I tell them. I sit criss-cross applesauce. Behind me, the house is
lit and quiet in Grandma’s kingdom.

Now I’m ready, I say. Please speak one at a time.

Claudia Serea is a Romanian-born poet who immigrated to the U.S. in 1995. Her poems and translations have appeared in New Letters, 5 a.m., Meridian, Word Riot, Apple Valley Review, and many others. A four-time Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, she is the author of Angels & Beasts (Phoenicia Publishing, Canada, 2012), The System (Cold Hub Press, New Zealand, 2012), and A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky (8th House Publishing, Canada, 2013). More at cserea.tumblr.com/.

Lead image“House in Wheat Field” (via Flickr user Randen Pederson)