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Romo Promo 2: Winning in February is Like Doubling Your Fun!

Remember February? It’s the one with Valentine’s Day. Maybe you complained online about commercialization or being single or something? That’s the tradition, I think. That or making out with someone who smells nice, but, you know. We can’t all win.

Speaking of which!

February was also when we did our second Romo Promo, or, as we (I) like to call it, Romo Promo 2: This Time It’s Personal. So, I’d like to personally congratulate Brad Rose for winning one copy of the super effective, critical hit, mega-upgraded When Kerosene’s Involved. It’s Daniel Romo’s latest and greatest prose poem collection, so Brad is in for a treat.


All people who submitted a prose poem during the month of February were entered to win a copy, but the good ol’ Random Number Generator In the Sky picked someone whose story we also accepted. Glory, man. Some people just get, like, all of it.

Until next time,


Lead image: “Burning Cube of Fire” (via Flickr user James Lee)