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Fire up the BBQ, Cuz We’ve Got a Winner!

Jack Rabbit! We had so many prose poetry submissions roll in over the past two weeks that they nearly overflowed Daniel Romo’s big ten-gallon hat!

He just managed to stuff all those names in there, so he did a little do-si-do, and plucked out the big winner…

Lets give a big farm congratulations to Allie Marini Batts! Allie, we hope you enjoy your copy of Romancing Gravity! The cows and all us farmhands agree that it’s one of the finest collections under the big, starry sky!

Speaking of the cows, one of those sneaky Holsteins got into the farmhands’ locker room and peeled the “Guest” part right off the name plate on Daniel Romo’s locker. Guest no more, our bovine masters have spoken, and Daniel Romo is here to stay as our esteemed Poetry Editor! So, why not give him a big congratulations as well.  We’re happier than a West Texas family at the County Fair!

Boy, this is gonna be a big BBQ! We might have to head into town for some more moist towelettes…

’til the cows come home,

Alisha Attella
Managing Editor

Lead image: “Winner’s [1112]” (via Flickr user Brian J. Matis)

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