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Promotions, Hirings, and Other Farm Happenings

Hello, CC fans!

The past few weeks have been a busy time for us on the farm. Summer is winding down, but we’re winding up. Way, way up. We’ve made a number of changes:

Our fearless former Poetry Editor-in-Beef, Michael Dwayne Smith, became overall Editor-in-Beef! And he’s seriously been rocking the new title: helping the farmhands, seeing to the overall editorial processes, coming up with marketing possibilities, putting up with the Executive Director, plus a bunch more. Seems like the new title fits him like a well-worn work glove.

Our intrepid former Associate Poetry Editor, Alisha Attella, made a leap up to Managing Editor. Way to go, AA! She’s been working hard with MDS to put out policies and procedures to keep the farm machinery well-greased and running smooth as Bessie’s flank, working with the editing farmhands to ensure submissions are processed in a timely fashion, and coming up with as many badass cow puns as MDS. In fact, these two may have to have a Cow Pun-Off soon, hmm…

We have a new face at the farm! (and another soon-to-be-announced face, too!) Nathan Goldman is joining us as Associate Poetry Editor! We were so impressed with his interview questions, poise, and taste in general, that we knew he’d be able to strap on the cowboy boots and get right to work, herding those proem doggies right onto our site. Welcome to the farm, NG!

Everyone on staff has been chiming in about marketing possibilities, and they’re all working hard to make CC great. Thanks, you all!

Also, thanks this week to our Associate Fiction Editor, Justis Mills, for stepping up and offering to edit pieces, post pieces, read extra pieces, and fix our Staff page!

And, thanks to our readers, followers, James Claffey, Jamez Chang of Counterexample Poetics, and everyone else who has said nice things about us and given us shout-outs. We couldn’t do it without you all!

Onward and upward!

The Staff,
Cease, Cows

Lead image: “Lazy Cows” (via Flickr user Tu Finamore)