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Milk Spraying and Schedule Changing and You’re Badass.

It’s Sunday Funday here at Cease, Cows! We’re putting up the disco ball, bringing the cows in from pasture, and spraying milk all over the barn!

*ahem*…I have no idea why I typed that. I guess I thought it sounded more exciting than, “Hey, we’re reading tons of stuff.”

What I’d really like to impart are these two things:

– Our supporters, submitters, and editors have been BADASS this first month. I’d spray milk all over everyone to show my love and appreciation, if I could. 😀 You people are the best.

– Due to the overwhelming response in submissions, we’re changing our schedule to week on, week off. Our week off begins on the 16th. I know, I know, you love us already and check and recheck your email, just waiting with bated breath for the day’s submission to grace your inbox. It can’t be helped. We need time to roll the subs around our mouths, tongue their textures, and digest them. Trust us, it’s for the best. If we have enough subs, we’ll double up every day we publish: one at 10A.M. and one at 3P.M. (CST).

Again, thanks for being awesome.

h. l. nelson

Lead image: “cowboy” (via Flickr user Phil Hilfiker)