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Three Poems by Alyssa Yankwitt

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Lost In the Moment


in a bottle of whiskey

in a stranger’s bed

in the lines of a poem I wanted to write

a whole year I knew only in nights
under a Bklyn sky     and me

(under a Bklyn sky)

the blackness broken              a scattering of stars

and me

the night’s darling disaster

living only

for fragments

Part of a Bigger Phrase

We decide to stay “friends”
(whatever that means)
begin quote      friends      end quote.

Those four little appendages
sit snugly

not unlike our hands
that have forgotten how
to reach out and touch;

our arms that                want
to open up                      hug,
but don’t know how.

Leaving Madrid

to keep warm

I crawled beneath your tongue
trying to sleep

against the drawbridge of your mouth
my body collapsed into a quivering thing

Alyssa Yankwitt is a poet, teacher, bartender, and earth walker. Most recently, her poems have appeared in Stone Highway Review, Halfway Down the Stairs, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Milk Sugar, and Bone Parade. Alyssa has incurable wanderlust, enjoys drinking whiskey, hates writing about herself in third person, and loves a good disaster.

Lead image: “Just Friends” (via Flickr user John Naccarato)