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A few words on our name and launch…

Hello, and welcome to the launch of Cease, Cows!

We’ve been asked questions regarding the name of our mag. We’ll appease your burning curiosity. It’s from a favorite novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, by the excellent Gabriel García Márquez. The main character tells his livestock: ‘Cease, cows, life is short.’ Thus, our tagline: Life is short, and so is our fiction.

Now you have secret knowledge. Use it wisely. Or don’t, whatevs. It’s your life.

We’re kicking off our launch-launch (as opposed to our soft launch, with Len Kuntz’s “Rinse Cycle” – give him a hand for this excellent piece) over the next few weeks with works by Hobie Anthony, Robert Cole, Richard Thomas, Michael N. Thompson, Howie Good, Michael Dwayne Smith, Owen Kaelin, Meg Tuite, Alyssa Yankwitt, and J. Bradley.

At Cease, Cows we want to explore the contemporary, the strange, the big questions. We want to feel cultural pulses, expose mental arteries, bathe in both the sanguine and sanguinary. We want to publish prose and poems with fire and truth. Humans may be animals, but the power of words can allow us to revel in and transcend the physical; the best literature achieves both.

If you’re a writer, send us your best work. Hell, always write your best work, whether you send it to us or not.

Life is short.


Cease, Cows Staff

Lead image: “cow” (via Flickr user Spike Stitch)