photo of bride dressed in old-fashioned wedding dress

Two Flash by Anna Cabe

The Ghost Bride The Ghost Bride is draped in white wisps as she prepares for her wedding. Her vanity is also froth, as is the brush going through her smoke-like hair. If you try to look at the Ghost Bride square in the face, you discover she flickers in and out of sight, like a…

photo of a Starbucks coffee sleeve

We Have Forgiven Jesus by Amandeep Jutla

The light went red. We were live. “Welcome back,” I said. “Now, tonight’s guest needs no introduction. All of us have heard of him. Some of us even profess to love him. But do any of us truly know him? He says no. His new book, Everything You Think You Know About Me is Garbage, comes…

photo of man wearing Santa suit

Compulsive Truths by Claire Hopple

You make stupid-good money as a Santa Claus. Sure, there are parents who scan you up and down for any trace of child molester and there are kids who spit on you. But you’d be surprised how many children are just ecstatic to meet a guy who brings them presents without asking for something in…

photo of a jigsaw puzzle

The Jigsaw Puzzles by Rebecca Harrison

Louise clung to the cat until he turned into a jigsaw puzzle. His ears changed first. The pieces fell in clatters. Hearing footsteps in the hall, she kicked the puzzle under her bed and tied the bandages back on her hands. She listed the things she couldn’t touch. The garden had grown back. She didn’t…

photo of a mirror trick that makes it look like someone has a disembodied hand

Mirror Box by Alexandra Kessler

My husband comes in from the blizzard. He stomps the snow off his boots and says he can’t believe how low the temperature has dropped, and how fast. He rubs the tip of his red nose into my palm. He says, “Frostbite.”
 “Drama queen,” I say.
 Then there is that now-familiar crack, and he is…

photo of femme fatale

Black Widow Women by Samantha Buoye

Bodies as black as the nights in uninhabited woods, the red hourglass their defining mark. They are known as killers, the original femme fatale. I see a women’s silhouette in the red, their only overt mark of femininity. If you tilt your head it looks like smeared lipstick, some drug store stain, like Lady Danger…