Romo Promo 2: The Reckoning

Hello, scholars of Cease, Cows announcement canon. Well, not only scholars. We must also welcome the great fanficton writers, who I am quite sure ship the staff members in every pairing imaginable.

You may deny as vehemently as you’d like that you are one of these fanfiction writers, but your very ardor will show the truth. You probably ship Daniel Romo with himself, don’t you?


Romo <3

Let’s change the subject.


Remember when we had a book giveaway of Daniel Romo’s Romancing Gravity? It was an exciting time. If you submitted a prose poem to us, you had a chance to win a copy. Automagically. For free.

We’re doing it again. But this time the book is 100% high octane prose poems, recalibrated and aimed directly at your heart. And it’s on fire. When Kerosene’s Involved, ladies and gentlemen. Submit a prose poem any time during the month of February, and you might just win yourself a copy.


Not that you shouldn’t buy one in the meantime. You dirty shipper you.

JDM: E-I-B of C, C