The Cows Have a Thing or Two to Tell Y’all About Prose Poetry

They were up all night, just talking away in the barn like a bunch of hens in a henhouse.  So, some of us farmhands decided we’d better just head on over and ask them what they were up to, and wouldn’t you know that them bessies were talking about all of you!

“Curious Cows” (image via Flickr user FatMandy)

We have an awfully considerate bunch of bovine here at the farm, and they had got to thinkin’ that it might be a few shakes past time to help y’all out with their particular POV regarding what makes a prose poem a prose poem, or a “proem” as we like to call ’em when they get to our corral.

A proem is a bit of poetry that mixes together the tools of prose writin’ with the musicality of poetry.  It ain’t got no line breaks, cuz you’re gonna be using your punctuation instead.  It might look like a regular type paragraph at first glance, but what’s gonna be settin’ it apart is its ability to tell you something that pulls your soul right down through itself, like a spooked mustang got hold.  It ain’t no story, cuz it’s more than a story.  Its language is particular to making something move and sway inside your gut like a bad case of Deja Vu…

Aw heck, the Cows just told me to stop talkin’ and send y’all over to the very informative post “What the Moo IS a Prose Poem, Anycow?”, which appears on our Submissions page.

So take a gander, and then send along some of  your very own proems.  Those girls are anxious to chew ’em over.

‘Til the cows come home,

Alisha Attella
Managing Editor