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Powers and Principalities by Matthew Guerruckey

The day room was chaos. Big John’s argument with Stevie over a misplayed hand of Spades had escalated from insults to fists, and now Big John found himself face down on the floor, trashing and kicking as the head nurse prepared a needle filled with sleep. The commotion had sent poor old Etheline into a…

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Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Rie Rose

“Hey! Don’t come around here no more!” The old man shook his balled fist at the ragged urchin in tattered tunic and patched leggings. “Catch me if you can!” teased Connor, dancing away from the irate merchant’s fruit cart. He tossed the apple he’d swiped into the air and caught it. There was another in…

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30 Days of Flash + Vids

Justis Mills, our new Fiction Submissions Reader, is writing a flash piece a day for 30 days, then filming himself reading each. We love this project! Here’s one of the best. Everything he’s reading is in the flash piece. Genius! 30 Days of Flash – Day 11: Pitch Lead image:  “Vaches!!!” (via Flickr user Mijak1)

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Cara by Sara Crowley

On examination, I found her to be a mere draggle. Shine and sheen evaporated. Bosoms large, succulent. Heartbeat fast. Curio – armpit hair. Fingernails clear. Vagina – moist with aroma of moss. Green eyes of glitter ice. Breath – the bristle of horses. Stomach larger than advisable, distinct rounding. Right knee lower than left. Her…

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New Fiction Submissions Reader!

We’ve added a Fiction Submissions Reader to our staff! Justis Mills is raring to go. He’ll be voting on submissions and noting each for our editors. In short, he’ll be a massive help to us on the fiction side of the mag. Submitters, please note that he can be bribed. But, you’ll have to find…

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The Ballsy Castrato by Jessica McHugh

While Vienna found its Figaro And Shays was at its start, A novice to the opera scene, Of angel voice and lion heart, Declared a moonlight mission To vex villains with vibrato. All criminals were loath to face The Ballsy Castrato. Never one to fight with steel, The Castrato fought with words, Driving dregs to…

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Unfound Poem by Paul Corman-Roberts

(Please rotate your handheld device to landscape mode to provide maximum width for each line.) Maroon 5 make the Bay City Rollers look like Black Sabbath and dozens of the communists I will have to fuck for a whole bean grind or at least an undying crush on a closet cardigan bad and fierce over…